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Free Fall Apparatus

This IEC ‘Free Fall Apparatus’ is adjustable up to 1m fall. The cable from the solenoid is connected to the IEC timer LB4064-101 and the stainless steel ball is held by the solenoid at an exact height from the lower platform. The instant that the timing is started, the solenoid automatically drops the ball. When the ball strikes the lower platform, the timer is instantly stopped. Timer LB4064-001 has special solenoid release circuit.


1 pce. Base plate with storage container for balls.

1 pce. Aluminium rail and 4x mounting screws for attachment to base plate, with adjustable plastic covered metric scale. To suit 1m fall.

1 pce. Upper Platform with solenoid and socket for ball release.

1 pce. Lower Platform with STOP terminals.

2 pcs. Ball, stainless steel, 20mm and 15mm diameter (nominal).

2 pcs. Cable for connecting solenoid and platform to LB4064-101 timer