Porous Pots

The porous pot collects impurities dissolved in all types of chrome solutions including decorative chrome, chromic acid plastic etching, chromate, bright dips, and anodizing. It can be used in any chromic acid solution that has metal contamination problems including reoxidizing trivalent chrome.

The porous pot we provide is a 40-percent porous, true-ceramic pot, with pores 2 to 1 micron in diameter. It is available in three models including one for tanks under 700 hundred gallons, one for tanks under 2000 gallons, and one for shallow tanks.

The porous pot acts like a filter in a limited sense. However, more importantly, it uses electricity to drive the impurities through the pores. This action separates even dissolved impurities from the chrome solution. In fact, you may even find that the porous pot has separated dissolved oil from the solution. We have designed the porous pot to fit in most plating tanks.

The porous pot has a footprint that is only 6-inches by 18-inches. If you do not have enough room to fit one in your tank, you can put the porous pot into a plastic 55-gallon drum and use a small pump to counter overflow the chromic acid for circulation. The porous pot rack is totally compatible with chrome plating tanks that use the Reversible-rack, two-busbar system supplied by Hard Chrome Plating Inc.