Portable Soil and Water Analysis kit

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Soil Testing Instrument such as Soil pH-Moisture Meter, Digital Soil Hardness Meter, Soil Tensiometer, Portable Soil Hardness Meter, Soil Compaction Meter, Soil Moisture Temperature Meter and many more items from India. We are the Leader in Service, Rental, Repair, Calibration and Buy Back Exchange Offers of all Instruments.

Portable Soil Hardness Meter offered by uses the theoretical value pressure gauge Kg/Cm2 (Unit of measurement). This meter is inserted into the soil to measure the hardness. Our range of meter is easy to operate and carry. The entire surface of the soil level must be measured first, then the top part of the meter must be inserted into the soil. Hardness instruction must be read from the table. The rotary knob is driven, so that instruction sheet is transferred to zero. The machine must be shifted to fixed position after cleaning.