Tuning Fork Set

As per the demands of our clients, we offer a broad collection of Steel Tuning Fork Set (Chrome Plated). The chrome plated steel tuning fork set is precision engineered using high grade raw materials in compliance with the set industry parameters under the guidance of our skilled quality controllers. Due to the features such as sturdy construction, durability and dimensional accuracy, this Chrome Plated Steel Tuning Fork Set is highly in demand in the market.

A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator in the form of a two-pronged fork with the prongs (tines) formed from a U-shaped bar of elastic metal (usually steel). It resonates at a specific constant pitch when set vibrating by striking it against a surface or with an object, and emits a pure musical tone after waiting a moment to allow some high overtones to die out. The pitch that a particular tuning fork generates depends on the length and mass of the two prongs. It is frequently used as a standard of pitch to tune musical instruments. The tuning fork was invented in 1711 by British musician John Shore, Sergeant Trumpeter and Lutenist to the court.


Steel Tunning Fork- Set Of 8 Forks (chrom plated)- They have the following Frequency-