U.V. Cabinet

U. V. Chromatography inspection cabinet for viewing & detecting prepared substance on T. L. C. Plates and a number of other laboratory & investigation work. This cabinet is fitted with two U. V. Tubes of different wave lengths & a floresence tube for visible light. An eye protective glass window is also provided on the top front for viewing the samples.

The UV cabinet works by using UV irradiation as an effective sterilizer to break down the DNA sequences so that replication cannot occur in a consequent amplification process. You can use them to provide a contamination free environment for PCR as well as to sterilize equipment for PCR experiments.

UV cabinets are invisible solar radiation that lies beyond the violet end of the visible spectrum in the 10 to 400 wavelength range nanometres. They use UV irradiation as an effective steriliser that breaks down DNA sequences so that replication cannot occur in an amplification process. UV cabinets also provide aseptic conditions for a variety of biochemical and biomedical procedures.

A U V cabinet is used for sterilizing and disinfecting things such as rhymer sponges, orange sticks and cuticle clippers. UV rays have some ionizing effect and when pathogens are exposed to such rays for some time, they die as a result of the radiation. In some cases, these cabinets are used for small scale water treatment.