carbon sulphur Apparatus

SEMI AUTOMATIC – SINGLE BURETTE Determination of Carbon and sulphur contents in Iron and steel has becomean absolute necessity forall Iron processing plants, foundries etc. There is substantial saving of time and effort, as in a short time, both carbon and sulphur can be determined in one action. This dual determination is excellently suitable for routine analysis.

  • 1.Simplified operation

  • 2.Substantial saving of time.

  • 3.Accuracy and ease of operation Advantage of cheapness through saving of power and chemicals due to dual determination Steel or Iron chips of samples under test are heated in a stream of oxygen gas to about 1200 deg.-1350 deg. C converting carbon and Sulphur contents to carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide gases respectively. These gases are passed through a solution of hydrogen peroxide. The sulphur dioxide gas dissolves in hydrogen peroxide forming sulphuric acid which is titrated against caustic soda solution of known strength to determine the percentage of sulphur in the sample under test. The gaseous mixture from which sulphur dioxide has been removed (absorbed) is now taken in to a calibrated burette. Then the gases are taken into an absorption vessel containing potassium hydroxide solution to absorb carbon dioxide gas. The reduction in volume of the total gas equals the volume of carbon dioxide gas : knowledge of which then gives the amount of carbon. The scale reading directly gives the percentage of carbon in 1 gm. sample.