Modern scientific Corporation

Modern Scientific Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipments and instruments, scientific lab instruments, biomedical instruments and other lab instruments. We provide classic to modern laboratory and testing equipments. The lab instruments, are modern and are safe and easy to use. We have wide range of products from agricultural instruments to Biomedical equipments, scientific testing equipments to general lab instruments.

We tend to provide best in the market technology and equipments. The equipments that we provide has unique features that not only provides utitlity but also optimizes operations and lab activities. We provide delivery of products that have maintained compliance with international and national quality standards. We manufacture scientific instruments for laboratories, hospitals, agriculture, Research and Development laboratories, Schools and Colleges’ laboratories.

With more than 35 years of experience in the field of scientific iinstruments, we have good work culture, innovative approach in manufacturing and maintained quality records. Our motive is to provide the standard lab instruments and help to serve development of science, agriculture, R & D abs and medical field. We also provide lab equipments to schools and colleges, that are safe and easy to handle and help in quality education of the children and career aspirants. Our quality products, on time delivery and quick assistance have made us popular for a niche section of the clients. Modern Scientific Corporations is the the name you must look for when you are lloking for state-of-the-art lab equipments in Delhi NCR.