Laboratory Balance

Accurate Laboratory Balances and scales are a must for your laboratory operation, so we take our selection of digital balances and scales serious. From portable scales to digital top loading balances, our selection includes items from industry leaders like Ainsworth and Ohaus. Ainsworth has manufactured reliable digital balances since 1880, and continues to provide a superior product at a reasonable price. Likewise, Ohaus has played an integral part in countless scientific and industrial companies and educational institutions for nearly a century. Our selection of balances and scales are just right for your facility and your budget. 

Electronic Balances

At The Lab Depot, we work hard to bring you a diverse selection of quality, reliable lab equipment. Our selection of digital lab balances and lab scales has been carefully chosen for the overall value, dependability, and accuracy they bring to your lab. Should you be unable to find the weighing products you need on this site please call and we will get it for you. Also, the Analytical Balances we have available to you have been selected by The Lab Depot as high value lab equipment. Your choice for laboratory balances and scales should always be made with value in mind. When you think value, think Lab Depot.